Why not just sell a majority stake and unlock part of the value tied up in your business

We have experience of “quietly” purchasing majority stakes in owner managed businesses, allowing owners to generate a cash sum and still retain day-to-day control of operations.

We have committed funding in place and are now seeking to acquire stakes in strong owner-managed businesses. We will work with you to get to know your business and your retirement plans in order to deliver a deal that works for you now and in the future.

Remain in control

You know your business better than anyone else. We would not seek to get involved in day-to-day operations but instead work with you, providing strategic guidance at board level.

Derisk your position

By selling a stake in your business, you can secure a pay-day for all your hard work to date. Then, if things go well, you will be able to sell the balance of your stake at an enhanced valuation in the future - giving you two bites of the cherry with less risk!

Manage your exit

We understand that walking away from your business can be hard. Whether you are seeking to retire in 3, 5 or 10 years, we would allow you to gradually step back from the business.

our acquisition criteria

If you are looking to sell a majority stake in your business but remain in charge, we would consider investing in businesses with the following features:

Manufacturing or engineering expertise

We invest in established businesses with a strong trading history

EBIDTA in the range of £400,000 to £1,500,000

Smaller EBIDTA levels may be considered, with a strong sector fit

Differentiated market position

We look for USPs such as patents, skills or capital asset intensity

Freehold or leasehold premises

We prefer to buy but will rent, with an option to purchase

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