About EMC Capital

An acquisitive, family-owned manufacturing group

Helping owners exit with value since 2004

We acquire and develop owner-managed businesses allowing sellers to exit their business smoothly, safe in the knowledge their legacy will be honoured and nurtured over the years to come!

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Our services

Whether your business is your life’s work or been handed down through the generations, we understand the sacrifices you have made to get the business where it is today. We appreciate that deciding when and how to sell your business is a huge decision and offer a range of solutions for owners seeking to exit with value whilst securing the company’s long term future.

Sell Your Business

We buy, enhance and grow owner managed businesses

Generate a Cash Sum

We can help you release some of the value tied up in your business

Own The Business You Run

We have the experience and resources to help facilitate a management buy out

Request a Free Valuation

We can provide you with a realistic share value so that you can plan your exit

Our Story

The EMC group has been investing in domestic and European businesses since 2004.

Over the years, the group has been involved in a range of sectors and its range of independent companies now cumulatively manage over 300 employees and generate turnover in excess of £50m a year.

The group maintains a lean head office operation by empowering managers to run their respective companies with autonomy whilst providing strategic assistance at board level.

At the start of 2020, EMC Capital was incorporated in order to expand group operations by bringing in new talent to acquire and manage an increased number of owner managed businesses in the manufacturing and engineering sector.

our Strategy

Our portfolio

our Principles


Long Term Thinking

We are a family run group of independent companies. We are not a private equity group, have no outside investors and do not need to realise assets to pay out immediate returns. We are in this for the long run!


Quick Decision Making

We appreciate the time pressures on business owners and managers alike. Being a small team, we are straight-talking, deliver on our promises and commit to transparent business practices.


Empowering Management

We are passionate about helping our management teams grow their businesses. We do not tell them how to run their business but support them in making the right decisions. We always appreciate, share and celebrate their success.

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    Our team

    Our agile team combines a diverse range of experiences and skills to make decisions quickly. Working alongside a small number of trusted advisers, we support our portfolio of businesses and talented management teams to deliver growth.

    Jim Clarke

    Chief Executive Officer

    Tom Frost

    Chief Financial Officer

    Christopher Clarke

    Chief Operating Officer

    Our USP

    We Commit Our Personal Capital

    We are not a private equity fund, we are a family run group

    We Provide Flexible Solutions to Owners

    We find the exit that works for everyone

    We Align Our Vision With Management

    We let them run the business and share in its success

    We Cut Out The Middleman

    We take away the cost and hassle of brokers

    We Invest for the Long Term

    We exercise the patience needed to nurture successful companies

    We Have Done It Before

    We have experience of both owning and managing SMEs

    Our Promise

    We want you to be as proud of your company in the future as you are today.

    We will work with your existing management team to retain your values and build upon the history and reputation you have already established.

    Selling your business to us brings new opportunities for your company, your staff and your customers.

    Jim Clarke


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