We are deeply invested in surface engineering and the critical role it plays in all aspects of modern life. As a family-owned group, we commit to enhancing and expanding businesses that play a key part in the advanced manufacturing supply chain.

Why Surface Technologies?

Surface engineering is pivotal in enhancing the durability, efficiency, and functionality of products in almost every industry.

From aeroplanes to smartphones, surface technologies enhance the surface of materials to optimise material usage, extend the operating life of components, and improve performance in specific environments.

We believe processes like coating, plating and heat treatments will play an increasingly important role in advanced manufacturing, and the development of more sustainable manufacturing practices and products.

What Specifically Do We Look For?

We invest in surface engineering businesses that provide mission critical services and adhere to the highest environmental and quality standards. Typically, these companies use their expertise, technology and know-how to provide an unparalleled finish to their end customers. We are particularly interested in businesses that:

Examples of Sub Sectors We Will Invest In

We actively pursue investment opportunities in the fields of:

Metal finishing that incorporates digital technologies for enhanced precision and control

Eco-friendly paint technologies that offer superior performance while reducing environmental impact

Advanced coatings tailored for high-performance applications

Our Investments

RDM provides customers across the world with solutions to their unique industrial oven and spray booth requirements.

Karas forges long-term partnerships to provide UK manufacturers with industry-leading nickel, silver and gold-plated finishes.

UAL is a world-leading anodiser of architectural aluminium with a track record of 50 years of durability in the harshest conditions.

Our Team

Jim Clarke


Tom Frost

Chief Financial Officer

Christopher Clarke

Investment Director

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Marc Grocott

Finance Director

Taz Imbayago

Group Marketing Manager

Jo Briscoe

Group Talent Manager

What Our People Say

Jim Clarke, “Surface technologies are an integral part of our economy, and we will continue to support them and help them grow”

Get In Touch

Speak to our sector specialists if you run a surface engineering firm and are contemplating your next steps. EMC have been making investments in the sector for more than 20 years – helping owners exit with value in less than 100 days.

Our Other Specialist Sector

We invest in companies that help make our roads safer and reduce emissions.

Jim Clarke / Founder

Jim is a chartered banker with over 25 years’ experience financing mergers & acquisitions in the manufacturing sector. During his time in the banking industry, he specialised in helping owner-managed businesses grow.


Since 2004, Jim has put his passion for manufacturing into practice by acquiring and developing a number of businesses in the sector with the help of dedicated and driven management teams, providing owners with a smooth exit and securing their legacy.


As Founder and Owner of the EMC group, Jim is responsible for developing strategy and engaging with existing owner managers to understand their needs and create value for both sides.


Outside of work, Jim enjoys golf, travelling with family and walks with Benji, the family cockapoo. When he is not exploring, you will find his nose in a book with yet another cup of coffee.

Tom Frost / Chief Financial Officer

Tom is a chartered accountant with over 30 years’ experience managing acquisitions and disposals for business owners. During his time as a corporate finance partner at BDO, formerly PKF, Tom specialised in providing outcomes that worked for buyers and sellers.


In 2009, Tom established his own corporate advisory practice to help SME owners and directors enhance their businesses, whilst running a small portfolio of trading companies himself. In 2015, Tom began working with the EMC group on a number of strategic projects.


As Financial Director of the EMC group, Tom is responsible for overseeing the group’s financial affairs and leading the financial due diligence of each acquisition.


Tom’s outside interests include spending time with his young grandchildren and making cinematic movies with his DJI Mini 3 Pro drone. He also enjoys finding (and drinking!) new red wines for health reasons, of course!

Christopher Clarke / Investment Director

Christopher is a qualified solicitor with considerable practical experience solving complex problems in fast-changing corporate environments. Having stepped away from legal practice, he is now focused on driving the family business forward.


Before joining the group, Christopher practised law at Gateley Plc providing both forward-thinking and straight-talking advice to his clients. Christopher holds a first-class degree in law from the University of Manchester and an MBA with distinction from Alliance Manchester Business School.


As an Investment Director of the EMC group, Christopher’s time is split between working with each of the group’s independently run companies to help them achieve their growth plans and sourcing new investments.


During his free time, Christopher is equally likely to be found buying more books than his bookshelf can support, hiking with his wife or making birdies on the golf course.

Marc Grocott / Finance Director

Marc is a commercial & strategically focussed CIMA qualified accountant. He has previously held senior Finance and Operational roles within industry in sectors including Sports Nutrition/VMS, Ecommerce, Beauty and Manufacturing.


Starting his career as a Finance graduate at THG, he’s held direct accountabilities for the day-to-day operations of large international organisations. Throughout his career, Marc has been heavily involved in M&A activities, particularly Buy-Side, across a broad range of industries. Invariably, this includes Post-Completion operations to ensure the smooth transition and mitigate business interruption.


Acting as a conduit between Board and Traders, Marc is responsible in ensuring back-office operations are adequately resourced to aid effective management information production and support Group strategy with informed decision making and accountability. Marc also supports fellow Board members in appraising new potential acquisitions and any subsequent due diligence process.


Marc lives in South Cheshire with his wife Charlotte and their young son Woody. Away from work, Marc plays football at a semi-professional level but enjoys nothing more than kicking a ball around with Woody in the park

Taz Imbayago / Group Marketing Manager

Taz is a T-shaped marketing professional with a strong background in marketing strategy, social media management and search engine optimisation. With a passion for creating customer-centric brands, Taz brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.


Before joining EMC, Taz held various marketing positions in the utilities, public health, and fleet installation sectors. With a master’s degree in digital marketing, Taz has a solid track record of B2B lead generation.


At EMC, Taz spearheads efforts to expand the organic presence of each trading business – increasing market share through demand generation strategies, and refining brand messages to resonate with customers.


Outside of his professional life, Taz is a dedicated family person who cherishes quality time with his loved ones. When he can find a moment to escape, he enjoys watching football and keeping up with the ever-evolving marketing and technology landscape.

Jo Briscoe / Group Talent Manager

Jo has worked in inhouse recruitment for over 15 years. Working across a variety of industries including Automotive Technology, Surveying and Manufacturing. 


Before joining EMC, Jo worked for a group of manufacturing companies, setting up an in-house talent acquisition function from scratch, bringing all recruitment in-house with a key focus on attracting top talent. Jo was also instrumental in setting up a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Function as well as a National Wellbeing Program. Jo is very passionate about all things people orientated.


At EMC, Jo is responsible for identifying, acquiring, and helping individuals to progress within the organisation as well as recruiting top-tier talent, developing strategies for employee retention and growth, facilitating career paths, and ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace. 


Outside of work, Jo can be found swimming or doing yoga. Her 2nd job is chauffeuring hers three sons to various sporting activities! When time permits, she enjoys long walks in the Yorkshire countryside with her dogs Dottie the Miniature Schnauzer and Queenie the Sealyham Terrier.